Amidst the sprawling landscapes of Alberta, a distinct narrative of auto theft unfolds, demanding an in-depth exploration of trends, challenges, and the imperative for collaborative solutions. As Équité Association unveils its annual Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada for 2022, Alberta’s position in this intricate tapestry beckons a closer examination.

In the heart of the prairies and foothills, Alberta’s auto theft landscape presents a narrative distinct from its Canadian counterparts. The province’s wide-open spaces and diverse urban centers contribute to a nuanced pattern of auto theft. The Dodge RAM 1500 Series claims the top spot, reflecting a regional affinity for trucks, an insight that raises questions about the motivations driving this preference.

The 2014 model year of the Dodge RAM 1500 Series emerges as Alberta’s most frequently stolen vehicle. With 373 thefts reported, this revelation prompts a deeper inquiry into the dynamics that make this particular truck a prime target. Are criminal entities aligning their activities with the province’s economic landscape, or is there a specific demand driving the theft of this particular model?

A comparative analysis between Alberta and the national trends underscores the province’s unique auto theft dynamics. While the Dodge RAM 1500 Series takes center stage in Alberta, the national landscape leans towards a preference for newer vehicles, with nine of the top stolen model years being 2019 or newer. This regional variation prompts a critical examination of whether Alberta’s distinct characteristics are shaping the motivations behind auto theft in the province.

Terri O’Brien, President & CEO of Équité Association, emphasizes the need for regional collaboration to address the auto theft crisis. “The distinctive regional trends highlight the necessity for a multifaceted approach that considers not only the overall numbers but also the unique dynamics of each province,” she states. As Alberta faces its own set of challenges, collaboration between stakeholders becomes crucial to developing effective and targeted solutions.

In delving beyond the rankings, a key question arises: Why the preference for trucks in Alberta’s auto theft landscape? Does it stem from the province’s economic reliance on industries like oil and agriculture, or is there a market demand that drives this trend? A collaborative effort involving law enforcement, government bodies, insurers, and the community is vital to deciphering these motivations and developing strategies that resonate with the unique challenges faced by Alberta.

As Albertans grapple with the impact of auto theft on their communities, investing in prevention becomes a shared endeavor. Équité encourages collaboration with insurers and law enforcement, urging Albertans to inquire about the theft risk associated with their chosen vehicles. Additionally, considering theft deterrent methods such as vehicle immobilizers becomes imperative in safeguarding against the evolving strategies employed by criminals.

In the expansive landscapes of Alberta, the intricacies of auto theft demand a tailored and collaborative response. As the province charts its course in mitigating this complex issue, the call for unity among stakeholders becomes not just a necessity but a beacon for developing innovative solutions that resonate with the distinctive challenges of Alberta’s auto theft landscape.

Top 10 most stolen vehicles of 2022 in Canada

No.Make/ModelMost Often Stolen Model YearNumber of Vehicles InsuredNumber of TheftsCanada Theft Frequency (%)Type
1Honda CR-V2020469,1445,6201.2SUV
2Dodge RAM 1500 Series2022508,0612,6000.5Truck
3Ford F150 Series2020615,7401,8330.3Truck
4Lexus RX Series202093,7661,8151.9SUV
5Toyota Highlander2021117,6631,7591.5SUV
6Honda Civic2019705,0561,4930.2Sedan
7Jeep Grand Cherokee2021120,3871,3491.1SUV
8Land Rover Range Rover202034,2011,3433.9SUV
9Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra2006595,8161,2600.2Truck
10Jeep Wrangler2021132,2191,1890.9SUV

Top 10 most stolen vehicles of 2022 in Alberta

No.Make/ModelMost Often Stolen Model YearNumber of Vehicles InsuredNumber of TheftsAlberta Theft Frequency (%)Type
1Dodge RAM 1500 Series201491,7713730.4Truck
2Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500 Series200737,6853490.9Truck
3Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Series200595,3623360.4Truck
4Ford F150 Series2018106,1753150.3Truck
5Ford F350 Series200622,5272891.3Truck
6Dodge Ram 2500 Series200120,6831190.6Truck
7Honda Civic200049,9351170.2Sedan
8Jeep Grand Cherokee202132,2311060.3SUV
9Ford F250 Series20047,1961061.5Truck
10Honda CR-V199948,0231030.2SUV