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Minister Jason Nixon Announces Funding for Historic Home for People with Disabilities

By Fatih Sahin May21,2024

In a heartfelt announcement on May 20, 2024, Seniors, Community and Social Services Minister Jason Nixon unveiled significant funding dedicated to enhancing a historic home for people with disabilities. The funding, announced at the Winford Stewart Center for Community Inclusion, underscores the enduring legacy of Joey Moss, a beloved figure in the Edmonton community.

Joey Moss, who passed away in 2020, was more than a prominent figure associated with the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Elks. He was a champion for people with disabilities, a symbol of perseverance, and a cherished member of the Winford Stewart Association. Moss lived at the Winford Stewart home for over three decades, contributing to its vibrant community life. His story is one of breaking barriers and fostering acceptance and understanding for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

“Joey was not just a figure in the sports world; he was a beacon of resilience and compassion,” said Minister Nixon. “He used his platform to raise awareness and foster inclusion, making a lasting impact on the Edmonton community and beyond.”

Standing in Joey’s Home, which serves as a Memory Care Center for individuals with intellectual disabilities and dementia, Minister Nixon announced the Alberta government’s investment of $340,000. This funding, part of the province’s Affordable Housing Partnership program, will support the creation of five new units at Joey’s House, increasing the total to 17 specialized housing units.

“This investment ensures that Albertans with diverse abilities have access to safe and affordable housing, tailored to meet their unique needs,” Nixon stated. “Projects like Joey’s Home are vital in addressing the affordable housing crisis and providing supportive environments where individuals can thrive.”

The funding will facilitate necessary renovations at Joey’s Home, ensuring that more units are available to serve aging adults with intellectual disabilities. Since its opening in 2007, the facility has been a crucial resource for the community, and this investment will help it continue to fulfill its mission.

“We are making significant investments to increase our stock of affordable housing across the province,” Nixon said. “By 2031, we aim to create 25,000 more affordable homes in Alberta, recognizing the critical role that supportive housing providers play in this effort.”

Minister Nixon emphasized the importance of collaboration with nonprofit organizations like the Winford Stewart Association. “We cannot achieve our goals without working closely with our nonprofit partners,” he noted. “Their dedication and hard work are essential in providing the support and services that our community members need.”

The event also highlighted the contributions of numerous supporters and partners who have been instrumental in the success of Joey’s Home. From individual donors to organizations like the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Elks, the collective effort has been vital in sustaining and expanding the facility’s capacity.

The announcement was not just about funding but also a celebration of Joey Moss’s life and legacy. His family, including his nephew Adam Walker, attended the event, reflecting on Joey’s impact. “Joey was a kind, gentle person who gave hope to everyone around him,” Walker said. “He worked hard and loved deeply, and his legacy continues to inspire us.”

As the community gathered to celebrate this milestone, the spirit of Joey Moss was palpable, a reminder of what can be achieved through compassion, dedication, and community support.

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