Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Alberta Government Announces Additional Support for Affordable Housing Providers

By Fatih Sahin Feb26,2024

In a bid to bolster affordable housing initiatives across Alberta, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, Jason Nixon, unveiled a significant investment plan during a press conference held at Onward Homes.

Minister Nixon commenced the conference by acknowledging the pivotal role played by housing providers like Onward Homes in ensuring every Albertan has access to safe and affordable housing. Emphasizing the government’s commitment, he highlighted the ongoing investments aimed at expanding the affordable housing stock. Notably, Alberta is on track to invest $9 billion by 2031 to create 13,000 new units, complementing the 5,000 units already established since 2019.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by housing providers, Minister Nixon announced an additional $1.2 million in funding for capital maintenance and renewal. This injection of funds aims to facilitate crucial repairs, ensuring the continued operation of existing affordable housing units. With a focus on efficiency, Minister Nixon underscored the high impact of such investments in sustaining housing availability for Albertan families and seniors.

Martina Jileckova, CEO of Onward Homes, expressed gratitude for the provincial investment, emphasizing its significance in ensuring the longevity and quality of housing for residents. Highlighting the pressing need for affordable housing in Calgary, she lauded the funding’s potential to address critical maintenance issues, such as roof replacements, directly impacting residents’ lives.

Kyle Fawcett, Chief External Relations Officer at Silvera for Seniors, echoed sentiments of appreciation for the government’s commitment to housing maintenance and renewal. Stressing the importance of preserving existing housing stock, especially for seniors, Fawcett emphasized the role of such investments in safeguarding vulnerable populations amidst economic uncertainties.

During the interactive session, Minister Nixon addressed inquiries regarding the allocation of funds, project timelines, and the government’s broader housing strategy. He reiterated the government’s dedication to both urban and rural communities, emphasizing the forthcoming announcements of significant projects aimed at addressing housing needs across the province.

As communities unite in the pursuit of equitable housing opportunities, the province stands at the forefront of innovative solutions and collaborative endeavors, setting a commendable example for jurisdictions nationwide.

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